Advice on How Not To Progress

As you can see on the “About” page, I started exploring the Internet with 3 websites in 2007. It happened out of curiosity and to learn about web design. Those days blogging was still an unknown to me.

In 2008 we got a wakeup call during the global economic crisis. Many of us feared retrenchment and I started looking at Internet Marketing as a second income if things turn bad (which fortunately did not happen).

As time went by the following years I started Blogging and started a few more sites. I got drawn into various IM courses, “magic” software and systems to get “instant page rank”, “unbelievable traffic” and “BIG money”.

OK, I must admit I learned a lot and gained most valuable experience in Web Design, WordPress, Plugins, Themes, Domain registration, Hosting, CPanel, setup and configuring sites. Lots about SEO, Siloing, Video Marketing, List Building, Social Media – you name it..

However, without really realising it I was running around like a headless chicken. Trying this, improving on page SEO, then studied what another Guru is teaching, without any real progress.

In the process I made some money with Adsense, sold a few affiliate products – but not nearly covered my expenses. The other problem I encountered is that I know what to do and what should happen, but do not have the time to implement all that needs to be done.

I know outsourcing is the answer but at this point my financial situation and online performance does not allow that option.

At the same time I was hopping around between sites and up to now none is at a point where I can say it is a “money site”.

A few months ago I realised I am not getting anywhere fast and decided to step back and to take stock. What I discovered is what many internet marketers teach you not to do and should be common sense, I got trapped into.

Basic IM Rules (which I ignored):

• Do one site (niche) at a time.
• Pay attention to on site SEO from day one.
• Wind it up until it starts turning on its own and generate income.
• At this stage it will require less input from your side i.e. one post a week or even every 2 weeks.
• Then and only then you can start your next project – if necessary and you want to.

I then started reducing Inbox clutter by unsubscribing and even blacklisting those stubborn ones who does not honour your request.

Over the years I collected top of the range software for:

• Video marketing – Camtasia, Wondershare, Easy VSL , Explaindio etc.
• WordPress themes – Thesis, ProStyler etc.
• Web Design – Dreamweaver, Xara etc.
• Plugins and the list go on..

None of these I have implemented (use) to their full potential.

Recently, from whom I cannot recall, an email landed in my Inbox which I opened – mentioning “The Quick Start Challenge”. It caught my attention and I yet again a burden was put on my credit card.

I was surprised when I landed in the member’s area and did not find the usual training videos and documentation – only to be told to join a Facebook group and register for an upcoming Webinar.

Must say I found the Webinar very interesting and in line with my current plan of action – to take one site and get it rocking.

During the Webinar Dean Holland challenged members to get a Blog with at least one post up within the next few days.

At first I thought it would not be fair for me to take up the challenge due to the advantage I have over Newbies. Second thoughts however were that it will not be freewheeling for me, as I will have to learn the Theme I decided to use (only used it once before), although I had this dormant site “How To Ultimate” already host configured.

This took me in any case more than a day to figure out and get the site into a decent state for now – theme wise.

I also realised taking up “The Quick Start Challenge” is in fact challenging myself. It is a challenge to put all my knowledge, software and tools to use to progress and become successful in IM.

What got me thinking during the webinar were the words:

Change Is Automatic
Progress Is Not

So Create Your Own Progress

This is my first post on How To Ultimate. I am taking up the challenge and I hope you understand now HOW NOT TO PROGRESS..?!

4 Responses to “How Not To Progress”

  1. Ryan Thompson

    Good stuff, James. I’ve been guilty of the same thing – trying to do several things instead of focusing on one thing at a time. Needless to say, I have not made any progress doing so. Hopefully that will change soon. Good luck with the challenge!

  2. Shaneman

    Hi James,

    Doing one niche at a time is a good tip.

    A few years back, I made the mistake of buying quite a few domains in all different niches. I had far too many ideas than time to do them all.
    So I let some expire and now just down to a couple of niches which allows to me focus better.

    All the best with the Quick Start Challenge 🙂

  3. Richard

    Hi James … The QSC is over but I am still working through the blogroll. A nice start with these posts. It looks as if you have a lot to offer. I look forward to more. I hope you keep writing! Best wishes.


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